Saturday, 27 February 2010

Chapter Eleven: Fully Loaded


Bella’s body melted into mine as I kissed her, her hands clutching at the back of my neck and tugging at my hair as she writhed against me. I felt her leg slide between mine and she lifted her knee until her thigh pressed against my hard cock. I heard her whimper quietly and I kissed her harder.

“Fucking grab my ass.” She growled into my ear and without hesitation my hand slid down her back and underneath her barely there skirt. I cupped her ass and squeezed letting my fingers slide between her legs. I imagined she was soaking wet at this point and I wanted to feel her.

“Get a fucking room already.” I heard someone shout out and I suddenly remembered that we were standing in the middle of a crowd of people. Bella had a way of making me feel like there was no one else in the room and this moment was no exception. I felt her lips curl into a smile and she pecked me on the nose quickly before turning around to face our audience.

“He deserved a fucking victory kiss right?” She said shrugging; not even missing a beat as she threw her hands in the air and started clapping. Her enthusiasm was contagious and everyone followed suit. Bella stepped backwards and tucked her hand into mine.

I looked down and smiled.

This is what it would be like to have Bella as a girlfriend. I wasn’t going to lie, it felt fucking fantastic.

The crowd finally started to die down when they announced that the Halo 3 tournament was about to start and I felt Bella lean into me and press her lips to my ear.

“Touch me?” She begged grabbing my hand and forcing it down her body until my fingers were brushing the hem of her short skirt. “I’m so fucking wet right now.”

“Bella.” I said sharply yanking my hand away. “Not here. There are kids everywhere.”

“Come with me then.” She snagged my hand and started pulling me away. I held firm though and glanced over at Jasper who was watching the entire scene with a very amused look on his face.

He had one eyebrow raised in silent question and a slow smirk began to lift the corners of his mouth. Emmett was standing next to him thrusting his hips and making every rude gesture known to mankind. I couldn’t help but laugh. This whole thing had to look completed fucked up to them.

“See even your friends agree. I need to fuck you.” She whispered with a smile. I could feel my resolve starting to crumble.

“Uh, Edward I think Em and I are going to go hook up with Jake and Katie at the Halo 3 booth. I want to see Jake get his ass squashed again.” Jasper said motioning towards the noisy crowd that was a few aisles up.

I nodded. “Yeah. Cool. I think we are uh, well I think –“

“We are going to go find an empty room and I’m going to suck his cock until he explodes in my mouth.” Bella said with a smile.

I saw Jasper and Emmett’s jaws drop and they stared at her in complete disbelief.

She laughed. “You boys are so fucking gullible. Edward promised to walk me to the merch tables. I want to get a few t-shirts while I’m here. Can’t go home empty handed since my dad thinks Kate and I went shopping. We also need to walk to my truck at some point to get my backpack. I can’t go home wearing this outfit; my dad will kill me.”

“I think its fuckawesome.” Emmett finally managed to stammer his eyes trained on her breasts.

I rolled my eyes. “Come on Bella. Let’s go before captain pervert here jizzes his pants.” I said as I took her hand and started leading her away. She waved goodbye to Jasper and Emmet and I glared at them in warning.

“What? You didn’t like your big friend staring at my tits?” She asked teasingly when we were out of ear shot.

“No. Not really.” I answered honestly.

“They are nice tits.” She argued and I turned to smile at her.

“You’re not going to hear an argument from me.” I laughed. “Still doesn’t mean I have to like it when other dudes stare at them.”

She gave me a reproachful look. “Not girlfriend material; remember?”

“Yeah, don’t remind me. Hey at least you are willing to be seen in public with a loser like me now.”

“You are a Call of Duty Champion.” She shrugged.

“Number one KDR in the state.” I added with a smirk. Fuck Jake.

“God, stop it you are going to get me all worked up again.” She groaned as she let go of my hand and pushed open a door leading into an empty hallway.

“Where are we going?” I asked glancing around nervously. I really didn’t feel like getting kicked out of the convention center for trespassing but she seemed like she knew where she was going so I followed her.

“Oh don’t get all paranoid on me. Just act like you are supposed to be back here, no one will know any different.”

I tried to channel her confidence as she strode quickly down the hallway peering into open conference rooms and jiggling the handles of random doors. Eventually she hit pay dirt and one of the doors swung open to reveal a dark and empty room.

“Yatzee.” She grinned as she grabbed fistfuls of my shirt and pulled me into the room kicking the door closed behind her.

She slammed me up against the wall and her mouth immediately found mine. She bit down on my bottom lip and the pain sent ripples of pleasure straight to my cock. Without even thinking about it I ground my hips into her enjoying the feeling of my dick rubbing against her body.

“Fuck Bella.” I exclaimed as she shoved her hand down the front of my pants and wrapped her hands around my erection.

“God you are so hard.” She moaned. “Fuck.”

I reached around her body and slid my hand under her ass lifting her slightly so I could slide my fingers under her panties and into her folds. She gasped and hooked her heel around the back of my knee allowing me better access. She was so wet my fingers slid into her center easily.

She buried her face into my neck and I could feel her panting against my skin as she stroked me.

“Fuck, let me go.” She pushed against my chest and I furrowed my brow wondering what I had done wrong. Before I could ask, she reached down and grabbed the hand I had just been touching her with and lifted my fingers to her mouth. She slowly licked her wetness off my fingertips and smiled at me. “Wanna taste?”

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I nodded my head slowly completely mesmerized and unable to form words. She licked and sucked my fingers and then leaned forward to kiss me. I closed my eyes enjoying the familiar taste of her mouth mixed with the taste of her arousal.

She pulled away and I felt my heart speed up as she lowered herself down in front of me and pressed her lips against the length of my erection that was straining against the front of my pants. She looked up through heavily lidded eyes and started to undo my pants never breaking eye contact with me. I leaned my head against the wall as she pulled my dick out and wrapped her lips around the head making slow circles with her tongue.

She rubbed the head against her lips, licking it like it was fucking candy.

With her free hand she reached down and yanked her top down a quiet breathy laugh escaping her lips when she saw my reaction. She raised her body slowly and she grinned devilishly at me as she rubbed my cock around her nipples and slid it between her tits.

“Bella.” I groaned as I thrust my dick against her unable to control myself.

She just laughed and sunk down so she could take my entire length deep into her mouth and back up again. I buried my hand in her hair and started fucking her mouth slowly, loving the feeling of her moans vibrating against me.

“Fuck.” I rasped looking down at beautiful fucking Bella dressed in her sexy Call of Duty costume, my hard cock sliding in and out of her mouth. I could feel myself reaching my breaking point. “I’m going to cum.”

I felt her hum against my cock, “Mmm hmmm.”

I turned my head to the side my eyes closed tight as she started sucking gently her tongue swirling over the head and back down the shaft as she took me even deeper. I felt my muscles spasm and I let out a growl as I welcomed release. She continued to bob her head and swirl her tongue not stopping even as I emptied myself into her mouth. When I finally finished and I felt my body shudder and relax she finally freed me and I saw her wipe at a little bit of cum that had dribbled on her chin.

“Well, that was quite a load, I must say.” She giggled as she stood up and leaned into me. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close my hand rubbing up and down her back gently. I kissed her forehead and the corners of her mouth and I tried to remind myself that this would end soon. She was not my girlfriend and she didn’t want to be. I didn’t have the right to hold her and enjoy her like I was doing at that very moment.

“Feel good?” She asked me her eyes sparkling.

I laughed. “Do you even need to ask?”

“We should get back. I need to find Katie before she rapes poor Jacob and he has no idea what hit him.” She unwound herself from my embrace and I tried to pretend that I wasn’t disappointed. I had hoped for a few more moments alone with her. I was being hopelessly stupid and selfish and I knew it. I wanted as much time as possible because I felt high when I was around her. She made me feel alive.

She straightened her top and I reached down to get myself situated and zipped back up. I couldn’t hide my frown as we both snuck back out of the empty meeting room and back down the empty hallway. No one paid us any attention as we slipped back into the convention center just in time to catch my friends as they were walking away from the Halo booth.

“Hey!” I yelled catching Jakes attention. He had his arm wrapped around Katie and when he heard my voice he looked up and flashed me a brilliant grin.

“Hey Eddie! I fucking got my ass beat in Halo! Fuck my life dude! Not my year I guess.” He laughed and I was surprised that he was in such a good mood despite his loss to me and now apparently another loss at the Halo 3 tournament.

“That sucks man. Always next year right?” I said with a half smile. I wanted to reach over and hold Bella’s hand but she was keeping her distance from me and I figured my contact wouldn’t be welcome at this point. She had gotten what she wanted.

“Are we going to go get something to eat soon? I’m fucking gonna start eating my damn arm off.” Emmett complained loudly patting his gut.

“We can go to our normal joint.” Jasper suggested.

I shrugged. “Bella Italia sounds good to me. You girls like Italian?”

“Is my name Isabella Swan?” Bella asked with a laugh. “Yeah, that sounds great I’m starving. We need to go to the truck and get our change of clothes and then we will meet you outside these main doors?”

Bella nodded towards the big set of doors that lead to the main parking structure outside the convention center.

“Yeah, that’s cool.” Jasper nodded. “I need a smoke anyway.”

Jasper, Jake, Emmett and myself all bid the girls goodbye as they sauntered off towards Bella’s truck their heads close together whispering frantically.

“Dude. Why the fuck didn’t you tell us you were fucking her!” Emmett yelled slapping me on the back once the girls were out of ear shot.

“Because it isn’t any of your business.” I snapped back at him. “And who said I was fucking her?”

“Her lame excuse of shopping for merch was about as bad as the one time Emmett tried to convince Mr. Blough in eighth grade that the gram scales from the science lab were stolen by a gang of coke selling Mexicans.” Jasper snorted as he lit a cigarette taking a long drag and blowing the smoke in Emmett’s face.

“Fuck you man. We needed those scales. I was the only one with the balls to jack them. Remember we sold those things and bought our first Play Station with the profits.”

Desperate to get off the topic of my relationship, or lack thereof, with Bella I starting giving Jake shit about his piss poor performance in the COD tournament as well as Halo 3. “What the fuck was up with you today man? I mean I’m stoked I kicked your ass but what the fuck?”

“Dude, that Katie chick has got me by the balls. I couldn’t concentrate.” He laughed.

I shook my head knowing probably better than anyone how he felt.

“So here is the valiant Call of Duty winner.” I heard a snide voice behind me comment rudely. I turned around and found myself face to face with Mike Newton and Eric Yorkie two fellow gamers from Forks. They were each wearing Halo 3 t-shirts and it became obvious very quickly that Mike must have won the Halo 3 tournament because he was holding a plaque and several of the promised prizes.

I heard Jake cough loudly behind me and his cough sounded a lot like the word “Dick.”

Even though Mike went to the same school as us we rarely spoke. Sure he was a gamer but he was even more of a geek than me or any of my friends. He tried to pretend like we were all friends but our social status was damaged enough that we didn’t need his sci-fi trekkie ass pulling any of us down any further so we always ignored him.

“Excuse me?” I asked politely trying to keep a check on my temper. “I didn’t catch that.”

“I said, here is the valiant Call of Duty winner! You know just because you won doesn’t mean you have to snub your fans asshole.” He snorted and I grimaced as I studied his greasy pimple covered face. I shook my head and shrugged having no idea at all what the fuck he was talking about. “As soon as you won you ran off with your butt buddies here and didn’t even wait for G4 to interview you. They were pissed.”

I had completely forgotten about the G4 interview. The tournament winners always got a few seconds of air time on the popular cable Techie channel. I really didn’t give a shit but obviously Newton’s butt was sore that I didn’t hang around for it.

“And you totally stepped all over the other players today. You played dirty.” He accused and I felt my temper flare.

“What would you know? It was just a game dick. You know, between friends.” I paused. “Speaking of friends, shouldn’t you and your trekkie butt buddies be waiting out front for your mommy’s to come pick you up?”

“Whatever dude, I just think you should get off your high horse. I mean, it’s not like you became champion of anything difficult. COD’s for pussies.” He glared at me, obviously challenging me.

I turned my head round to Jasper, Emmett and Jake. Jasper and Emmett were already glaring at Mike with anger flashing dangerously in their eyes.

“Can you believe this shit?” I asked them pointing towards Mike and Eric and laughing.

“Nope.” Jasper shook his head. At that moment Emmett lunged forward but Jasper extended his arm and stopped Emmett in his tracks. He glared at Mike and through clenched teeth muttered, “Dude, I seriously recommend that you stop right there and walk away.”

“Or what?” Mike snorted again. “Monkey man will come after me? I’d like to see him try – the idiot couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag.”

Emmett growled.

“I agree with Jasper man, I’d quit while you are ahead. As much as I wanna see Emmett bust you in the face we don’t want any fucking trouble.” Jacob said holding his hand out in surrender.

“Why don’t you shut the fuck up, you are nothing but a fucking traitor Jake.” Mike snapped.

Emmett lunged gain and this time Jasper dropped his arm. Emmett held up his fist and hovered over Mike dwarfing him completely. Mike held his hands up, his expression finally frightened.

“Whoa there. What is a gaming convention without a little healthy debate? I was simply trying to say that Halo could kick COD’s ass any day – in fact, it probably will for game of the year.”

It was my turn to laugh.

“Get real. Halo? Game of the year? Not likely. That’s like saying Vegas 2 is gonna trump us all this year.”

Jasper and Emmett burst into laughter while Mike stayed looking serious.

“How is that so impossible? Halo has better weaponry, better plot and is a lot more difficult to actually play…” He counted these points off on his fat fingers.

“Dude, Halo 3 has terrible weaponry – think of COD’s M16 rifle – one head shot compare that to your precious Halo’s battle rifle, it takes 4 shots to kill. That’s as bad as going into battle with a fucking super soaker.” I retorted looking smug and mocking Mike by counting my replies on my fingers. “As for plot, I can’t argue. But shit! I didn’t realize that we were so concerned as to why we were blowing shit up. And really, difficulty is in the hands of the gamer. I bought Halo when it was released and clocked it in 2 fucking days. I got fucking tired of emptying two magazines into someone and then watching them hop away like an Apollo astronaut.”

“Fuck you dude. The plot is a crucial aspect of the gaming experience. Clearly you and your Neanderthal friends don’t know shit!” Mike was clearly getting angrier by the minute and he began closing the distance between us his nostrils flaring furiously. “You know, I hate the way you jackasses walk around like you are god’s gift because you think clocking this infantile game is in anyway respectable. It’s not – like I said before, get off your goddamn high horses!”

He was now inches from my face and I was pretty sure he was going to punch me.

“Yo dick wad!” I heard a female voice say close behind me. I turned to see Bella watching us, she had changed into her usual jeans and t-shirt combo and she looked insanely pissed.

“Who is this then?” Mike directed at Jake. “Your latest whore?”

It was my turn to be held back by Jasper. I pulled my fist back and was fully prepared to clock Mike in his greasy face. “Fuck you.” I hissed through gritted teeth.

“Excuse me?” Bella said sweetly. “I am not anyone’s whore thank you, I just wanted to ask you a favor?”

“What’s that honey?” Mike looked her up and down and licked his lips.

“Urgh, as if.” She rolled her eyes. “I just wanted to ask what the fuck gave you the impression that Halo trumped COD?”

“Well, it’s very simple really. If you look at revenue of sales from Halo…” Mike began before Bella cut him off.

“Yeah, while that sounds all well and good, but if you had actually done your research you would have seen that Halo, though the top game on XBOX 360 for just about 6 months, was then fucked by COD when Modern Warfare 2 was released shortly after.” She looked at him and smiled. “And you would have also discovered that Halo has yet to beat COD in sales even after releasing ODST which, in fact actually failed to meet its projected sales target. Even then Halo’s downloadable content is far more expensive and obviously less appealing to purchase than COD’s map packs.” She shrugged. “Hmm…might just be me, but it sounds like COD is better than Halo.”

“I don’t know who the fuck you are, but this isn’t a debate about which game has the best sales or popularity, it’s a debate about which is better. End of discussion.” Mike stuttered obviously shaken by Bella’s knowledge.

She laughed. “This isn’t a debate at all. Edward has already explained to you that COD is better, he even gave you reasons why. You are just a poor little virgin gamer who is sore that you aren’t cool enough to play COD with the big boys. Now run off to your mommy before I call her myself and tell her you’ve been jacking off to her granny panties.”

Mike took one last look at Bella and the rest of us before grumbling profanities under his breath as he turned around and walked away.

I turned to Bella my eyes wide with shock. “What the fuck! I have no idea how you knew all that shit but fuck yeah!”

I raised my hand for a high five and instead she wrapped her arm around my waist and leaned her head into my chest. I felt my heart stutter happily.

My girl really knew her shit.


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