Wednesday, 7 April 2010



Do you love COB?
Do you think you could make it better?


We are looking for a new character to star in a COB chapter – or be a main storyline addition and we want YOU to design it for us!

Yes, Stoney and I are far too busy...and far too be able to think up a whole new character, so we are asking you to do it for us!

The winning character will star in COB and their owner will win a lovely glossy professionally made photoshopped badge (made by Stoney) and a rather shitty, five minute made, piece of crap paint made badge (made by moi) – both holding the award...

“I starred in COB & all I got was this shitty badge!”

What exactly are we asking for though?

Well! I have put together a little cheat sheet for you all – so listen up and pay attention dammit! I’m trying to help you win!

This is how your entry should look:


NAME (Of Entrant):

Email Address:

Blog (if available):

Can we name you, or do you wish to remain nameless?:


NAME (Of Character):


LOOKS: Include as much description as possible. Hair colour, eye colour, clothing style, build, height etc. If you like you can even include a photo if you have one.
Please note we NEED you to ATTACH the photo – I HATE HAVING TO FIND THEM FOR YOU!

HOW THEY FIT INTO THE STORY: Are they Charlie’s long lost lover? Does Gameward secretly have an evil twin brother? Make it as real or as ridiculous as you like – we don’t mind either way!

BACKGROUND: Give us a bit of background about the guy..tell us what he likes, what he doesn’t, WHY he doesn’t like them. Be as detailed as possible – this will help us really see the character you’ve made.

Finally feel free to add any other detail you think is important to your entry, have as much fun with it as possible – if you think an idea is stupid, SEND IT! We love the silliness so go nuts!

Then email your entry to
with the subject: COB CONTEST ENTRY

Entries are due in by the 29th April 29th of May and the closing date is the 1rst of May 1rst of June.
We will accept late entries ONLY between the 29th May and the 1st of June up until midnight central.

We will not accept characters from other fan fics
Nor will we accept a character from Twilight itself – this has to be completely original.
We will not accept any character whose background or storyline which contains heavy violence, rape or abuse.

We have the right to change the characters history, but will stay maintain the integrity of the character itself. You agree to these terms by entering the contest.

If we find a character that is disqualifiable that was entered before the 29th of April 1rst of June – we will contact the entrant to gain a re-entry, any disqualifiable entrants after the 1rst will be immediately disqualified and the entrant will be notified by email.

Should you have any questions about entering, please feel free to comment and leave your email address at the end of it and I will respond as soon as possible. Obviously, due to the time limit, we will ofcourse try to reply quickly and accurately.

Sorry to get all serious on your asses, but I've done contests before – and I hate them. I hope you enjoy this, it is a chance for you guys to interact with us and really get involved with COB.

We will display the best entries shortly after (date TBC) along with the winning entrant!

Get writing people, new chapter coming VERY soon ;)


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