Sunday, 21 February 2010

Chapter Five: Connected

Bella POV

I was frustrated.

Edward hadn’t been as easy as I thought. He had definitely seemed up for it and then all of sudden he’s freaking out over people seeing us in my truck together. God, I had been so close.

I lay on my bed, cursing myself for not making him fuck me. My mind drifted back to the events in my truck, trying to figure out where I had turned him off. I couldn’t think of anything. I had done things the way I always had; I’d followed the usual procedure.

I groaned, rolling over on to my front and pulling the Xbox controller to me from the bedside table. This shit was giving me a headache. There was only one thing I could do to solve my problem, to try again.

I wasn’t bluffing when I told Edward I would find him. I already knew his username, I’d been watching his blog online since the day I first saw him. I typed in his username and clicked “send friend request”. I didn’t know if he was online or not so I set the controller down and left the bedroom to grab dinner.

When I’d returned a familiar “bloop” echoed from the TV alerting me I had a new message.

The screen read:

“Spklepuss has sent you a message”

I smiled and grabbed the controller. Flicking to my messages I read what I’d been sent.

Spklepuss: That was fast

I typed back a reply eagerly.

iSeizure: Like I said, I’d find u. Besides I do everything fast.

I smiled lightly at my smart reply, Katie would be proud of me. I was stunned to hear a tone signalling a new message nearly immediately.

Spklepuss: I noticed

It took me a second to think of a reply.

iSeizure: Funny, I could’ve sworn u missed that part

Spklepuss: R u mad @ me?

iSeizure: No, just frustrated. R u not?

Spklepuss: Very.

I stared at his reply on my screen. I was about to reply when another message came through.

Spklepuss: Fancy some COD?

Immediately I sent him a party invite, excited to finally see him in action.

“Hey...” Edward said down the mic awkwardly.

“Hi, ready for your ass to be kicked?” I teased

“Haha, I’ll be running rings around you so much, you’ll get so dizzy.”

“Shit, who taught you smack talk? Mother Theresa? Fuck...Let’s just do this.” I said, rolling my eyes.

We selected our match and waited for it to load.

Playing with Edward was something I had never seen before. The way he took such concentration planning each attack, informing me without hesitation what our next move would be, his voice filled with determination. I was completely wet ten minutes into the game.

As I moved in command, I found myself drifting off to the thought of him commanding me the way he was now. He was standing over me, as I lay naked and vulnerable, waiting on his orders. Edward crouched beside my ear and whispered how he was going to fuck me, hard and rough, exactly how I liked it and I shivered with anticipation.

“Capture the position!” He shouted at me down the mic, bringing me back from the daydream

“Huh?” I mumbled, still half dazed

“A, B or C! Bella! Now!”

“Right...Sorry!” I ran into position.

I kept myself focused for the rest of the game, I knew fucking up would only piss him off and I couldn’t afford to lose this chance to show him I could play. He didn’t speak to me much since shouting at me, only to bark a command here or there.

We reached our 75 kill point – the end of the game – when Edward finally spoke.

“Do you want to get something to eat? Tonight?” He hesitated, “With me?”

I laughed.

“Its a good thing you said WITH me... But sure, I could eat.”

There was silence for a while and I had a sneaking suspicion he was trying to work out what I had meant.

“Um...Eight? Or will that be too late for your dad?” He eventually asked

“Let me run the rings, as you say, around Charlie. Eight’s fine. Come to my house, but I’m driving.”

“Fuck – that’s a relief, my cars gotten pretty old. I don’t think it would last a trip into town tonight.”

I laughed again. I knew I shouldn’t be, but I was actually having fun. Katie and I always kept ourselves distant from our acquaintances. Trying not to get emotionally involved and here I was, arranging practically a date with him.

“I kinda figured.”

Edward didn’t reply, instead there was some background noise. It sounded like he was being invaded.

“Listen Bella, I’m gonna have to head here – the guys have shown up. Eight o’clock right? I’ll see you then.”

With that he disconnected. Clearly something was more important.Whatever, I didn’t care. I was strangely excited about meeting him tonight.

In fact, I was grateful I’d have the time to prepare myself. I threw the headset off and ran to my wardrobe. I knew I looked good whatever I wore so picking out the first thing I saw, I threw it on the bed and ran into the bathroom to turn the shower on. I spent the rest of the evening plucking, shaving and primping every last inch of myself, making sure I looked perfection.

I was not going to screw up this time.


  1. Woo, he's got a hold on her ;o). Off gto read the next chappie!

  2. Love his name! hahahahaaaa!!!! Spklepuss: classic!
    Love it! it's exactly what I've been needing!