Sunday, 21 February 2010

Chapter Six: Its Just Food


“Hey punk dick! What the fuck happened to you in bio today?” Jasper asked bursting into my room without knocking.

Emmett was close behind him and they were both so loud I immediately felt myself get annoyed. I still hadn’t had time to process what had happened with Bella today at school let alone the fact that she had just played COD with me and had agreed to go out with me tonight. My head was so clouded with Bella I couldn’t see straight. Her smell, the way she smiled, how she tasted…how her lips looked wrapped around my cock – I was so fucked.

As soon as I had gotten home I rushed into my bedroom barely getting the door shut and locked before I was unzipping my pants and pulling my still hard cock out to jerk off. I completely ignored my laptop since I was fairly certain I wasn’t going to need porn for a very long time.

Just the memory of the shit Bella Swan had done to me today was enough to get me so revved up I came after just a few strokes. I had cleaned myself up and sunk down in front of my TV grabbing my Xbox controller and setting it on my knee waiting for it to load. I wanted to play COD for a bit before Jasper and Emmet came over.

I heard a familiar “bloop” indicating that I had a message and I had been totally stunned when I saw it was Bella. I wondered how she had found me? I had contemplated not responding to her.

This whole situation was a little bit much for me. I was totally inexperienced with girls and had never even been any further than touching Lauren Malory’s tits for like, two seconds when I was in eighth grade.

Despite my initial hesitation to write her back my dick took over and I quickly typed her a response. She was online because she replied instantly. I felt my stomach do a flip flop and I tucked my legs underneath me as I tried to think of something to say to her.

She had immediately brought up the fact that she was frustrated. Sex again. Right away. I wasn’t ready to sit there with another hard on so I had suggested we play some COD.

The game had been pretty good. I couldn’t deny the fact that she knew her shit. She had gotten lazy at one point and almost got both of us killed and that had been enough to kind of piss me off but she recovered nicely proving immediately that she knew what she was doing.

When the game was over I discovered that I wasn’t ready to say goodbye yet. I was really enjoying hearing her voice and her occasional celebratory victory whoops made me smile despite myself.
I really liked this girl. I wanted to see her again; as soon as possible. I had never asked a girl on a date, I wasn’t even sure I knew how, and Bella wasn’t an ordinary high school chick. I figured the word ‘date’ would just send her running for the hills screaming so I decided a casual ‘wanna go get some eats’ would be pretty safe.

My heart had been in my throat as I waited for her response. I couldn’t believe how badly I wanted her to say yes. When she had agreed I had thrown my fist in the air and did a silent victory dance thankful that she couldn’t see me.

I pulled my headset off and tossed it on the ground. I turned to Jasper and shrugged. “Bella was feeling sick.”

“Dude, she was practically jerking you off in the middle of class. I don’t think sick is a word I would use to describe what you two had going on.” Jasper lowered himself onto the floor next to me and Emmett flopped on my bed stretching out his arms and legs and chuckling to himself as Jasper gave me the third degree.

“I guess you can say she’s into me.” I said with a sly smile all the while thinking to myself; understatement of the year.

“So what happened? Did you make out? Did she fuck you? Did she suck your dick? Did you at least touch her tits?” Emmett fired his questions off without waiting for me to answer.

I really didn’t want to tell them anything until I understood what exactly Bella wanted from me.

“Nothing happened. She’s really, um, well...she’s nice.” I stammered having no idea what to say.

Bella was nice. Nice to look at for sure, nice to talk to…that was yet to be determined, nice to have suck your cock…most definitely. I felt myself starting to get hard again and I cursed under my breath. I wondered if the mental image of my dick in her mouth would ever not illicit a throbbing erection.

“You are such an asshole.” Jasper grumbled at me his expression filled with disappointment. “You won’t tell us anything?”

“If I had something to tell I would.” I lied feeling kind of bad for not giving them anything. “She found me on COD today, we played a game. We are just talking.”

I figured that sounded innocent enough.

“She plays COD?” Emmett asked his tone completely shocked. “No shit. That is so fucking hot. Is she any good?”

“Um…yeah. She’s actually really good. We could probably use her some nights. I mean, if you guys don’t care…or whatever.”

“I think Eds in luuurve!” Emmett teased swinging his legs off the bed and sitting upright. “So what are we doing tonight?”

“Not what are WE doing…more like what are you fuckers doing. I have plans.” I announced standing up and heading over to my dresser.

I needed to take a shower, jerk off again, and get dressed. It was already six and I would be with Bella again in just a few hours.

“Plans? You have plans to play COD with us. You fucking promised.” Jasper protested.

He was right; I had promised him I would actually play tonight. But that was before Bella. I kind of felt bad but at the same time I didn’t. I was going out on a date.

“I’m sorry man. I have to do this…I can’t get out of it.”

“Do what?” I figured it would probably make things worse if I lied. “I’m taking Bella out for dinner.”

“What!?” the expression on Jasper’s face was stunned. “Like on a date?”

“No, not really a date. I just asked her if she was hungry and she said yes and so now we are going to go get some food together.”

“That is a date.” Emmett laughed.

“Whatever you say Em.” I pulled open one of my drawers and started rooting around in the somewhat clean t-shirts looking for something to wear.

I wanted to be casual but I still wanted to look halfway decent. I immediately regretted not keeping up with my laundry. I turned to look at my friends and had to hold back a laugh as I saw them both staring at me like two douches with hurt buttholes.

“Seriously you fuckers look like I just kicked your puppy.” I laughed. “Now get out of here I need to take a shower before I go to her house.”

“You do know her pops is the chief of police right?” Jasper reminded me. “Yeah. I think I can handle it. Now get the fuck out.”

I opened my door and held it open glaring at them both expectantly. Jasper was the first to stand up and head out of the room. He turned to glower at me one last time before disappearing down the hallway.

“Have fun man. If it doesn’t work out between you two give her my number…cool?” Emmett pushed me roughly in the chest and slamming me into the wall behind the door.

“Fuck off!” I growled flipping him the finger.

As soon as they were gone I showered, got dressed and tried to make my hair not stick up in every fucking direction. It was a lost cause so I gave up and just let it go. I practically ran out the front door and jumped into my car praying that the old Volvo would run long enough to get me to Bella’s house. It did, and in no time at all I was pulling into her driveway. I glanced around and sighed with relief when I didn’t see Chief Swan’s patrol cruiser parked in the driveway.

I got out of the car and started heading to the house my hands shoved into the font pocket of my hoodie. Before I could even get to the front steps I saw the door open and Bella step out onto the porch. She looked beautiful. She had on a tight black sweater and a pair of jeans that hugged her curves perfectly.

She smiled at me and hopped down the stairs until she was standing right next to me. I ran my hand through my hair nervously. I hadn’t planned on me feeling so awkward around her.

I had to force myself not to look at her lips or her tits.

“Hey.” I said dumbly.

“Hey yourself.” She was flipping her keys in and out of her palm as she stared up at me. “What is the matter with you?”

Her question caught me off guard and I coughed. “I um…just feel a little weird about this whole thing. You know?”

“About what whole thing?” She asked her smile now gone from her face. “About you and me. And what happened in the truck earlier.”

She closed her eyes and rested her hand on my chest. “Fuck. Please don’t talk about that right now or you will set me off again. Let’s just get some food and we will talk ok?”

She turned around and started walking towards her truck and I followed silently my eyes trained on her ass. I walked to the passenger side of her pickup and climbed inside wishing for the second time today that I had a decent car that I could take her out in.

“What sounds good?” I asked breaking the silence. She laughed and turned to give me a sly smile. She licked her lips, glanced down at my crotch, and back up and my face. I quickly rephrased my question. “What sounds good for food I mean?”

“I don’t know. I’m pretty new here what are my choices?” She bit down on her lip and she smiled as the truck roared to life.

I shrugged. There is this place called the Flat River Grille just outside of town. It’s really nice and I heard their food is great.”

“Yeah, not a date remember?” She reminded me staring straight ahead and gripping the steering wheel tightly.

“That sounds pretty date-esque.”

“I guess so. I mean…it’s just food.”

“Just food and about half the town of Forks.”

“Oh, I get it. You don’t want to be seen with me.” I glowered and turned to stare out the window slightly hurt by what she was saying.

I noticed it had started to rain and fat rain droplets splattered against the glass. We hadn’t even left her driveway yet and I was already regretting asking her to dinner. I heard her slam the steering wheel.

“Fuck. No, that isn’t it at all.” She slid the gear shift back into park and slid across the seat until her whole body was curved into mine.

She nuzzled her nose into my neck and sighed. “I really like you Edward. I mean like, really fucking like you. Normally I just want to fuck my targets and jet but you are different. The only thing is, you don’t understand what happens to me when I’m around you. It’s not something I can control. I need to let some of this…build up….work out of my system before we start going in public together.”

“What do you mean targets?” I asked feeling my resolve start to melt as her soft lips moved against the stubble covered skin on my neck.

She took another deep breath and slid her hand under my hoodie, her palm resting on my bare chest. She twirled my chest hair as she sat in silence.

“It’s really hard to explain. I’m afraid you will fucking run from me as soon as you find out what I am.”

“Just tell me Bella.”

“I’m a sex addict.” She mumbled her words barely audible.

“A what addict?” I asked unsure if what I thought I had heard was right.

“A sex addict. Most people might call me a nymphomaniac. I’m obsessed with sex. But for me it is a specific type of guy.”

“What? Pudgy and dorky?” I asked beginning to feel slightly used.

She laughed. “No. And you are not pudgy or dorky. You are amazing. No, and trust me this is going to sound really fucked up, but I am hypersexual around gamers.”

She lifted her chin slightly to study my expression.


“Yeah. Specifically COD gamers.” Her face flushed slightly and I realized she was embarrassed.

This was obviously hard for her to discuss with me but I was beginning to get a bad feeling. I really liked this girl. She was smart and funny and fucking drop dead gorgeous. I wanted more than just sex with her but would she ever be capable of that?

“So I’m just a target?” I asked feeling like a total chump. “You were.” She whispered. “Now I’m not so sure. I actually enjoy being with you. Even the part of you that isn’t your gamer personality.”

A spark of hope flashed in my horizon. She liked me. “So what does that mean?”

“I’m not sure yet to be totally honest.” She said sliding her hand down to waist band of my pants. “All I know is that I need to fuck you. And once I get over that I will have a better gauge of what my true feelings really are. All I can think of right now is your huge cock in my pussy…which is dripping wet right now for your information.”

I felt my traitor dick throb and start to swell as the words fell from her mouth. She slid her hand down to my crotch and moaned into my neck as her fingers found my erection.

“Bella, come on.” I weakly protested as she stroked me through my jeans. “Let's go get some food. There is a McDonalds in town we will just pick up some burgers and head over to La Push beach. We will be alone out there.”

She arched herself into me and I felt her mouth open, her hot tongue and lips wet on my jaw line. I felt walls crumbling around me and I turned my head and met her open mouth with mine. She completely consumed me.

The heat of her kiss erasing every doubt in my mind. She groaned into my mouth when I slid my hand under her sweater and pinched her nipple imitating what I had seen her do to herself earlier.

“Fuck Edward. Just take your cock out and I will ride you right here.” She started to straddle me but I put my hands on her narrow waist and stopped her.

“Bella. Food.” I laughed as she sagged against me in disappointment.

“After food…we are fucking.” She demanded glaring at me her expression very serious.

She slid off of me and returned to the driver’s seat. She threw the truck into drive and pulled out onto the main road. The rain hadn’t lasted thankfully. That meant we could sit outside and eat. I told her how to get to McDonalds and we each ordered the same thing; Quarter Pounder with cheese and lots of ketchup.

The drive to La Push beach was pretty uneventful. She told me a little bit about her stints in rehab and her life before she came to Forks. Considering how much her sex addiction had fucked up her life she seemed fairly stable. We pulled into the dirt parking lot at LaPush and I was glad to see there were no cars. The moon was full and most of the clouds had been blown away by the slight breeze in the air so there was plenty of light.

“Are we eating in here?” She asked reaching in and stealing a fry out of the bag.

I playfully smacked her hand and grabbed the bag. “You grab the sodas.” I opened the door and jumped out of the truck and was happy when she followed suit.

I glanced into the bed of the truck and smiled when I saw that it was dry. I yanked the tailgate down just as she came around the corner. She stared at me for a moment her eyes travelling from my face to my crotch. She set the sodas on the tailgate and stepped very close to me. She shoved her hands into my front pockets and leaned into me resting her head on my chest. I pressed my lips into her hair with a laugh.

“Food.” She groaned in protest and snuggled even closer to me. “Just a quick blow job.”

“No. Because I have a feeling with you it’s never a quick blow job.” I pushed her away and turned her around so I could help her into the bed of the truck.

“You learn quickly.” She smiled and held onto my hand as she hopped up.

We both sat down with our backs to the back of the truck cab, our heads resting against the glass. We were facing the ocean, and we could see white caps from glinting against the moon’s reflection. It was really beautiful. I pulled our food out of the bag and handed her her burger. She practically ripped it out of my hand.

“Oh my god I’m so fucking hungry.” She let out a satisfied moan as she bit into the burger.

I smiled and shook my head. “You can’t even eat without it sounding like an orgasm.”

“Yeah. I’m cool like that.” She said with her mouth full.

I dug around in the bag until I found all the ketchup. I spread out the wrapper from my burger and emptied the contents of the packets and pushed it towards her.

“Here you go.”

“You are so good to me. Now if I can just get you to fuck me stupid.” As she said it she raised and lowered her eyebrows playfully.

We both inhaled our food neither of us saying a word until the last fry was gone.

“So you were really great today.” I said balling up my hamburger wrapper and tossing it into the empty bag. I leaned back against the window of the truck and patted my bloated and full stomach. “In COD I mean. You were fucking fantastic.”

She smiled at me as she slipped the straw of her soda into her mouth and took a long drink. “I thought I pissed you off when you caught me slacking. Sorry about that.” She apologized. “You are brilliant at it. I have spent many hours playing that game and you blew my fucking mind today.”

She scooted closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder. I felt my heart start beating faster. I couldn’t put it off any longer. We had eaten, we had had civil conversation…now it was her turn. She wanted to finish what we had started.

“Um, thanks I guess.” I stammered breathing deeply and enjoying the clean floral scent of her hair.

“Edward?” she asked and I loved hearing her say my name. She didn’t call me Ed or Eddie…always Edward and the way she said it sounded so goddamn sexy it wasn’t fair.

“Yeah?” I asked turning my head slightly and resting my chin on the top of her head.

“Why wouldn’t you fuck me earlier?” She asked bluntly.

I choked and sputtered for a second obviously not expecting that question. What really sucked is that I didn’t have a good answer for her. I wanted to fuck her. Holy mother of fuck did I want to. I wanted to see her completely naked, her legs spread, and my cock sliding in and out of her as she screamed my name. And fuck me. There it was.

My erection was growing harder and harder as the images flashed through my mind.

“I don’t know.” I answered honestly. “I want to. But I feel like this is all happening really fast. It’s not supposed to be like this.”

"Edward. I’m not a good girlfriend. I don’t date. I fuck.” She purred as she pressed her hand into my chest and then lowered it to my crotch.

How had she known I was hard? It was like she had some kind of built in Edward Cullen Erection Radar.

“Bella. Come on.” I protested but not stopping her from stroking me through my jeans. In fact I spread my legs slightly giving her better access. She laughed softly. “I want you to fuck me so hard I can’t walk tomorrow.”

My cock twitched and she moaned quietly.

“See, your dick agrees.”

“Bella…” I tried again but I knew I was convincing no one. My rock hard cock and the wet precum spot on my jeans were both tell tale signs that I was just as turned on as she was.

“Didn’t you like seeing your cock in my mouth?” She pouted as she got onto her hands and knees and straddled me.

“Oh fuck yeah.” I moaned as she reached down and unfastened my belt.

“Do you want me to do it again?” She asked as she slowly unzipped the zipper.

“Bella, I’m not good at this shit ok? I haven’t…I don’t know…I have never…”

“Shhh, it’s ok.” She reached inside of my jeans and pulled my dick out. It was such a relief for it to be free from the confines of the denim. She pressed her entire body up against mine as she stroked me and I noticed she was rubbing her pussy on my leg using the friction to pleasure herself.

I wanted to touch her, I wanted to lick her. I remembered how she tasted earlier and I ran my tongue across my lips. I had no idea how to go down on a girl but I was willing to bet Bella would be willing to walk me through it. And I wanted her to walk me through it.

“Can I touch you?” I asked shyly hooking my index fingers in the front of her pants and sliding them to the middle where I undid the single button. Her entire body trembled and then stilled completely. She pressed her lips against my ear and I could feel her breath coming in short puffs.

“You need to understand something Edward. If you start this with me we can’t stop.” She warned her voice barely a whisper, her breath hot on my ear. She drew my earlobe into her mouth and sucked on it gently.

“I won’t be able to stop…do you understand?”

I thought for a moment before nodding. “I understand.”

She slid off of me and I watched her as she unzipped her pants, pulled them over her hips and off of her legs. I noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties and she was completely shaved. She spread my legs and scooted herself between them hooking her legs around my thighs so that she was displayed in front of me…tempting me. She laid down on her back her naked pussy inches from my cock. She smiled at me and lowered her own hand inserting her fingers into her folds. She arched her back and let out a moan as she pulled the folds back showing me…everything. I wanted to touch.

My fingers twitched eagerly just like they did when I wanted to start playing a video game but unlike a video game there were no control buttons telling me what to do.

“Don’t be scared. Anything you do to me will feel good. Just touch me.” She whimpered and I saw that she was watching me carefully.

I licked my lips and lowered my hand between her legs feeling her heat instantly. She grabbed my hand and guided me to her center which was slick and wet. I let her move my fingers in and out of her learning as she drew her arousal over her clit and rubbed my finger over it in a steady rhythm. I knew that next time this happened I would know exactly what she liked. After a few moments she sat up and grabbed onto my hoodie and pulled me on top of her. She wrapped her legs around me and I pressed my cock against the wet spot between her legs. She let out a feral cry as the head of my dick slid against her clit. I moved my hips hoping to hit that same spot again…I did, and was rewarded with another cry of pleasure.

“Fuck me. Please.” She begged reaching between my legs and grabbing hold of my erection and directing it to her center.

“Bella…condom.” I gasped as I felt the head slide into her slick wetness. It took all of my concentration and will power not to plunge myself into her.

“I’m clean and on birth control, you are a virgin…now fuck me.”

Who am I to argue with that? With a hard thrust I slid all the way inside of her…


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