Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Chapter Seven: Release

Bellas POV

The feeling of Edwards cock inside of me was even better than I had imagined. He was so big he filled me completely and with each thrust he pushed himself deeper and deeper. I felt a powerful sensation rip through me as I saw the expression on his face. Pure ecstasy mixed with a pleasure and pain sort of grimace that I made me moan. I bit down on my lip and lifted my right leg up and hooked it over his waist which made him slide even deeper.

I heard him make a low rumbling moan as he shifted his weight and propped himself up on the truck, his thrusts becoming slower and harder. If hadn't already known this guy was a virgin, I would have never believed it. Fucking came natural to him.

I reached up and grabbed onto his chest and started pulling at his hoodie. I wanted to see his body. His hips stilled as he tugged the heavy material over his head tossing it to the side. I whimpered and started grinding my hips into him desperate to feel him moving inside me again. He smiled down at me looking very pleased with himself. I ran my hands up his stomach, over his chest and finally hooked them over his shoulders where I dug my fingers into his flesh.

He nudged my face to the side and began kissing my neck, moving up and then slowly down again until his lips rested on the collar of my shirt.

"Take it off?" His words were muffled against the fabric and I laughed quietly at his shy request. I dropped my hands from his shoulders and expertly wiggled my way out of my long sleeved sweater. The air was chilly on my newly exposed fleshed and I shivered.

Edward looked up and gave me a mischievous sideways smile right before he dipped his head down to my breast. I moaned as he reached my nipple, taking it into his mouth and biting it gently as he thrust his cock into me hard.

I weaved my hands in his hair and tugged as I arched my back. "Oh fuck. Fuck Edward you feel so good."

That was all the encouragement he needed. He pounded into me over and over our bodies slamming together in perfect rhythm. I felt his cock tighten inside of me and he rested his head against my neck his breath becoming slightly shaken and shallow. The bastard was about to come.

"Oh no you don't." I said as I leaned forward pushing on his chest. He had a sort of lost and panicked look on his face and I realized that he was probably worried I wanted to stop. I rolled my eyes and continued to push him forward until he was lying on his back. I lowered myself on top of him and holding his dick in my hand I looked down at him.

"Your cock is so perfect." I murmured softly as I pulled it into myself, moaning loudly.

He reached up and cupped both of my breasts his thumbs flicking at my hard nipples. I smiled down at him eager to be able to see the look on his face when I started fucking him. I began moving my hips, every so often swirling them in circular motions as he held onto my sides.

"God Bella." He moaned sliding his hands down to my stomach and reaching around to cup my ass.

"Fuck...so...good." he stammered as he took handfuls of my flesh and spread my ass cheeks as I moved up and down on his cock.
Holy shit. I was going to come. No guy had ever done that to me before and I moaned again as another wave of sensations coursed through me making my entire body tremble. I leaned down and kissed his lips gently smiling as I whispered, "You ready?"

He nodded his eyes wide and filled with lust.
I began to buck harder and harder, continuing in circular motions until I began to climax.

We came together, his breathing completely stopped and he moaned quietly as his cock pulsed inside of me. Immediately I felt him fill me with his cum. I arched my back and tried to catch my breath.

"Wow! Fuck Edward! What a doozy huh?" I exclaimed laughing as my body shook with my orgasm.

"Who knew eh?"

"Who knew what?" he said, breathless.

"That you were such a natural, I mean sure, you’ve got the goods but I didn’t think you’d know how to use them, and that ass cheek thing" Like a cliché Italian I brought my fingers to lips and kissed them, "Nice touch." I added.

He chuckled, clearly a bit embarrassed. We stayed where we were for a moment, catching our breath, until I finally slid off him and started pulling my trousers back on. He did the same and climbed out of the truck.

"Home?" I asked smiling at him enjoying the freshly fucked feeling of euphoria and hoping he was feeling the same way.

He nodded and walked back to the front of the truck to the passenger’s seat. I followed and got into the driver’s seat and started the engine. As we set off I heard Edward clear his throat and when I looked over at him expecting him to say something I noticed that his face looked glum, his head resting on the window.

"Something wrong?" I asked.

"Huh?" He said, looking up, "No, nothing wrong." He pulled a reassuring smile and then continued to look out the window.

The rest of the drive home was oddly quiet, when we got to my house I saw Charlie’s police car in the driveway and I felt a swell of panic rise in my chest. He had probably seen Edward's car. He would know what had happened and I wasn't looking forward to the conversation that would soon follow. Charlie had yet to really deal with my sex addiction. It has primarily been Renee and I guessed the nympho lectures were going to be a tad more intense with him.

My mind was completely occupied with what I was going to tell Charlie that I didn't realize that as soon as I turned the engine off Edward had hopped out of the truck and started walking to his car.
I jumped out and slammed the door shut and raced after him reaching out to grab his sleeve. He stopped and turned to face me the expression on his face sad.

"Whats wrong?" I asked again my voice sounding panicked for reasons I didn't understand. Normally I loved it when guys I just fucked walked away from me without looking back. I didn't want any ties to them. I just wanted their cock. I wanted them to get me off and then leave me alone. So why was I chasing after this one? Why did he matter?

"Nothing is wrong Bella. I just...I gotta go ok? I guess I'll see you around." He shook my hand off of his arm and climbed into his Volvo. My arm dropped to my side and as I watched him leave I felt anger bubbling just below the surface.

"Yeah, ok. Whatever." I said gruffly and even I wasn't convinced by my words of dismissal.
I spun on my heel and started heading towards the house practicing my speech for Charlie. "No Charlie, I didn't have sex with him. He is a really great guy. I'm not like that anymore. I made a promise..." Yeah.

Who was I kidding.

I walked the steps to the house and before I had reached the door I heard commotion coming from inside, I braced myself for the worst when the front door flew open.

"Bells!!" Katie shrieked as she threw herself across the porch and picked me up in a giant hug.

"Haha Katie! What..the fuck! I thought you said you’d email me when you were coming?" I gasped

"I lied silly; did you fucking think I’d be so organized? As if." She put me down and threw her arm around me as we walked into the house.

I could see Charlie in the living room, a disapproving look on his face. Katie picked up two bags and smiled, her face lit with excitement.

"So come on, I just arrived, come help me get unpacked!" Before I could answer she was already half way up the stairs, carrying her bags to my room.

I grimaced at Charlie who shrugged and sat back down to watch a game on TV. We made our way to my room, Katie immediately plopping herself down on my bed, tossing her bags in the corner.

"So that’s Edwin then?" She smirked.

It wasn't in her nature to beat around the bush.

"Edward" I corrected her a little too quickly, making her look at me strangely, finally she rolled her eyes.

"Whatever, did you fuck him?"

I fucking blushed! I never blushed!

"You did! And?! What was it like?"

"It was…good. Better than any before if I’m honest." I said, not really speaking to Katie now, more myself.

"So tell me then. All the details, and don’t fucking skim."

"I will, but first…lets get some pizza." I grinned.

"Tease." She growled as she threw a pillow at me.

We spent the rest of the evening discussing Edward. Whilst I told Katie things he’d said and done, she would carefully dissect it and give her opinion on what she thought it meant. I was happy Katie was here, but if I were honest with myself all I wanted right now was to be alone. Better than that, I wanted to be with Edward. I wanted to be curled up next to his warm body. I wanted to lay my head in his lap and watch him play COD. I wanted to kiss him and taste him.

I wanted to ask him why he had seemed so sad and why he’d left the way he had. I couldn’t shake the feeling I had missed something....


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