Saturday, 27 February 2010

Chapter Ten: Game On


Game Con was kickass.

An entire event dedicated to my love for gaming. I was in heaven. Stall after stall filled with merchandised clothing, collectable figurines, walkthroughs and free demos and the most important of all – the tournaments. The chance to face off with some of the best gamers in the area.

I fucking drooled at the thought of taking down the reigning champ – none other than Jacob Black. Yes, even though he was my best friend the fucker held the title for the best death kill ratio in the state and this bugged the shit out of me. Every year I strived to beat the bastard and every year I failed. Not this year; this year was going to be different.

As me, Jasper and Emmett walked we each impatiently scanned the rows and rows of booths for the Call of Duty stall. Along the way we came across the Halo 3 stall where we found Jake leaning on the side, surrounded by a gaggle of girls as usual. He was talking animatedly his muscles flexing under his tight black t-shirt as he punctuated his words with broad gestures. The girls were watching him so intently you would have thought he was some kind of celebrity.
Jasper turned to me and nodded towards Jake and raised one eyebrow in question.

“Yeah, I saw him.” I grumbled not wanting to get sucked into dealing with the Halo groupies. “Keep walking. He’ll find us when he gets bored with them.”

We were almost past him when I heard my name being called.

“Edward!” Jake waved pushing through the crowd of giggling, blushing fifteen year olds.

“Jake – hey!” I faked a smile. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to see him I just didn’t want to deal with the idiotic gamer groupies that attached themselves to Jacob like seed ticks.

When he finally reached me he gave me high five and wrapped one arm around me in a hug. As he leaned in close he laughed. “Dude, can you believe this shit?”
I knew he was talking about the girls. I just rolled my eyes at him. “Yeah, you’re a fucking paedophile of course I can believe it.”

He just chuckled and raked his hand through his shoulder length black hair. “So you ready to get your ass handed to you again this year?”

I looked away from him laughing humourlessly. “Dude.” I mocked him, “I’m gonna kick your ass so hard, your children will be born bruised.”

A slight oohing followed by rushed whispers and giggles erupted from the girls.
“Tough talk bro, but until you can prove it that’s all it is. Talk.” Jake was smiling but I knew a challenge when I heard one.

Before I got sucked into an all out flame war of epic proportions I flipped him the bird and flashed him a wide cheesy grin.
“Enjoy babysitting douche bag. We will be with all the other grown-ups when you are ready to own up to that challenge of yours.” I backed up a few steps before turning around and walking away.

As soon as we were around the corner and out of sight Jasper and Emmett both whooped and high fived me. I felt kinda bad for ragging on Jake like that, but he fucking deserved it and I was feeling pretty damn cocky. No one was going to fuck with me today.

We kept on heading towards the back of the convention centre and as we walked I obsessively scanned the crowds looking for someone. Who was I kidding? Not someone – Bella. I wondered if she’d show up today. I hoped she would anyway.
I had woken up this morning buzzing with anticipation at the thought of seeing her here today. Not only that, but the thought of her being there to see me take Jake down like a champion gave me a wicked fucking boner. I needed to get her out of my head if I was going to take him down though. I blinked and shook my head vigorously and continued down the long aisle towards the COD booth.
Finally I saw the big Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 sign and crowds of people standing around watching gamers play. I felt a surge of excitement when I saw the banner for the tournament. I had been practising the last two months in preparation, secretly watching Jakes skill on his blog and challenging him whenever he was online. He knew what I was up to and frankly, I didn’t give a fuck.

Two hours later I was finishing off another spectacular round with Jasper at my side when I heard a commotion behind me. I glanced over my shoulder and saw two girls dressed in gamer costumes being swamped with male attention. They were clearly dressed in gamer themed costumes and they had guy after horny guy asking to have pictures taken with them. They had their backs to me so I couldn’t see who they were but I thought there was something familiar about one of them. I shrugged and turned back to the game just in time for Jasper to shoot me straight through the chest. I was out of the game. I dropped the controller in aggravation and cursed the fucking sluts behind me for distracting me.

I left my seat to get a coke and clear my head when I saw her. The girls who had distracted me earlier were now facing me and I could clearly see that the one I had thought I had recognized was none other than Bella Swan. She was smiling and posing and was completely surrounded by men who were snapping pictures of her and fawning over her. She was dressed all in camo. Her green tank top was cropped just below her ribs and her toned, milky white stomach was exposed. Her tits strained against the thin fabric of her shirt and her skirt was so short her ass hung out just a little bit exposing matching camo print briefs. She looked ridiculously fucking sexy and I felt my cock swell against my thigh almost instantly.

I wanted to sneak up behind her and rub my cock on her perfect ass. I wanted all those perverts standing around her to know that I had fucked her, and she was mine.

As if she sensed me staring at her Bella turned her head and locked eyes with me. Her face turned into a bright smile as soon as she recognized me. My chest swelled with pride when I saw the way she was looking at me. I raised my arm to give her a slight wave and in the process accidentally knocked my coke off the counter. I was now covered in ice and coke and I felt like a complete douchebag as I scrambled to clean myself up and pick my cup up from the floor.

I chanced a look at Bella expecting her to be ignoring me completely and was shocked when I saw she was giggling at me. I blushed and smiled, shrugging.

What. An. Idiot.

“Hey Ed-tard, that was totally fucking smooth.” I heard behind me.

Turning around I saw Jacob standing in front of me, unusually alone.
“Where’s your fan club Jake? Is it nap time already?” I sneered feeling pretty proud of my clever burn.

“Whatever dude, you are just jealous ‘cause you ain’t getting any.” He glanced over my shoulder and I saw his jaw drop. “Damn, who the fuck is that?”

“Who?” I looked around, seeing Bella staring at me with a strange expression on her face, almost like concern.

“Her.” Jake pointed at a girl standing next to Bella who I had only just noticed.

She was a cute girl. Very tall and leggy with jet black hair. She was dressed in a sci-fi get up that looked like a suit of armour from Halo 3 only made for a hooker. She oozed pure sex and was obviously thriving off the attention she was getting from the men crowded around her. I looked back at Jake and breathed a sigh of relief.

“No idea. Why don’t you go ask her.”

Jake smiled at me. “I will…”

“I’ll catch you later then.” I went to wave but as I raised my arm Jake took hold of it and started to drag me across me across the room towards Bella.

“No way dude…you’re coming with me. You are totally gonna be my wing man.”
I tugged and pulled hard but Jake was freakishly strong and somehow got me the full distance before letting me go.

“Why hello ladies.” He bowed like the totally embarrassing douche bag that he was.

“Hey.” Bella replied politely while her friend just stared at Jacob her eyes travelling from his feet, pausing at his crotch before raising to his face. She licked her lips and smiled at him.

“I’m Jacob Black.” He extended his hand to the girls and nodded towards me, “This is my friend Edward.”

“Yeah. We know each other.” Bella laughed taking a step towards me. “I’m Bella.”

I couldn’t help but stare at her bare midriff and imagine placing slow kisses along the waistline of her skirt. I heard her clear her throat and I locked eyes with her embarrassed at being caught oogling. She didn’t seem to mind. She smiled at me sweetly.

Jake cocked his eyebrow. “Oh really? Bella huh? Like the-” I had a feeling he was going to say something along the lines of ‘the Bella he went on a date with the other night’ but I elbowed him in the gut knocking the wind out of him for a second.

“Yeah. We go to school together, right Bella?”

She nodded absent mindedly as her friend pushed past her to be in front of Jake.

“Hey Edwin.” She said to me her eyes never leaving Jake. “I’m Katie.”

She rested one hand on Jacobs arm and pushed her chest out.

“Hey Kate.” Bella laughed. “He’s COD.”

Immediately Katie’s hand dropped and she took a few steps backwards her lips bowed in a sexy pout.

I laughed guessing immediately that Katie was only into Halo guys. “Um, actually Jakes kind of a jack of all trades. He is has mad Halo 3 skills too.”

Bella flashed me a grin and I smiled back at her thrilled that she was standing next to me.

“Um excuse me?” I heard a male voice behind us and I turned finding myself face to face with a crowd of six or seven young teenage boys all holding up cameras and cell phones. They were pointed directly at Bella. “Can we take your picture?”

I felt a surge of jealousy and I wanted to wrap my arm around her and make it clear that she was with me. Bella put her hand on my arm and smiled at the boys.

“One picture ok?” She said stepping away from me and posing for them. She looked so fucking sexy it was hard for me to believe she would even talk to a dork like me. Once all the boys had a chance to get a picture she winked at me and hooked her arm with mine.

“Dude, your girlfriend is so fucking hot.” One of the boys said to me before they walked away. “You are the fucking man.”

“Oh she’s not-” I started to say but Bella yanked on my arm.

“Let them think I’m your girlfriend, that way they will leave me alone.” She whispered.

“Oh, um, ok.” I stammered glad that Bella couldn’t hear my heart beating out of my chest.

“Edward!” I heard someone yelling over the noise of the crowd. I looked around until I saw Emmett waving frantically at me. “Fuck! There you dicks are! The tournament is about to start you better get your asses over to the COD booth.”

“You are competing?” Bella asked me awe in her voice.

“Yeah.” I took her hand and started leading her over to the booth. She followed willingly and I smiled to myself loving the feel of her hand in mine.

“Fuck Ed. What the hell took you so long did you get fucking – “ Jasper started as soon as I took my seat next to him. He looked behind me and saw Bella and his eyes went wide. “Oh.”

“Alright, let’s do this thing.” I grinned at him raising and lowering my eyebrows.

The tournament was a free for all – everyone for themselves.There were three matches, last man standing was named champion. I hoisted my left leg up under me for comfort and began to put in my specifics, determination plainly written on my face.

Suddenly I felt a shiver up my spine and a voice whispered in my ear. “Go Team Edward…” The seductive voice said and I felt her warm mouth on my earlobe sucking it gently. My dick hardened instantly.

I turned my head slightly towards Bella who was standing behind me, and I saw immediately a familiar look of pure unbridled lust radiating from her eyes. I knew just from looking at her she was extremely turned on and I smiled deviously at her. She winked at me and walked back to sit with her friend in the crowd and I turned back to the screen.

“She’s fucking smoking.” Jasper said to me as he clicked away at his control finishing his specs.

“Yeah. I know.” I agreed with a sly smile.

“You ready?” Jasper asked.

I looked at him unable to control my grin. “Hell to the yes. Let’s fuck shit up!”

He chuckled quietly as the game screen loaded.

Soon I was completely immersed in the trenches, blasting the shit out of the Noobs that tried to take me on. Jake was nowhere in sight, but seeing as this was the first game, I let that slide. I thrashed my way through game one and two without a second thought. Coming out the other side I realized just how many players I had kicked – 15 out of 42 competing. Holy shit, I was the fucking man.

Those disqualified from the last two games were crowded behind the remaining players. There were only six of us left, making it a hell of a lot easier to target each other. As soon as the third game began I immediately spotted Jake and blasted him. He took the hit and was out.

What the fuck? That was way to fucking easy.

I stole a glance at Jake and saw that he was too busy gawking at Bella’s friend Katie to even see the game had started. Oh well, his fucking loss.

Taking out the rest of the players was cake. I had been playing with each one of them for the past few months. I knew their weaknesses, their strengths and I knew when they knew they had fucked up. I took my time and waited for each player to cross my path and as they did I took them out silently. I kept in mind that the next noob was never too far behind.

Finally, it was declared. I was the winner. There was a huge burst of applause as the host came to congratulate me. I was given my prize – a pair of astro gaming A40 MLG Headphones and the limited edition Call of Duty Champion T-Shirt.
None of this mattered to me though.

The only thing I wanted, or cared about for that matter, was standing at the edge of the crowd staring straight at me and smiling brightly. She walked towards me boldly, the crowd parting like the red sea as she sauntered past them. She stopped inches from me and stood on her tip toes.

“Fucking kiss me.” She ordered as she reached up and twisted her hands in my hair.

I leaned down and met her open mouth with mine. Who cared about those other fucking prizes. This was the only prize I wanted.


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