Sunday, 21 February 2010

Chapter Three: Reflection


I’d driven home as fast as my truck would allow praying my dad, Charlie wouldn’t be there. I was in luck, as I pulled up to the front of my new home I saw his police car wasn’t in the drive way. I sighed with relief. Charlie was police chief of Forks; his hours kept him pretty busy which meant I had the house to myself most days.

I walked into the dark kitchen, dropping my bag and coat on the table and opened the fridge as my stomach growled loudly. There was some left over lasagna so I popped it in the microwave, watching it as it spun around with impatience. Finally when it was ready I took my plate, now steaming hot, and my bag up to my room.

As I entered my room I turned on my Xbox in the corner, taking the controller with me to the bed. I was starving. I wolfed my meal down as I played a mini-game. Peggle, it was called. My ex had shown me a few years back and it was addicting as hell. I completed three rounds by the time I was finished eating.

Setting the plate and controller onto my beside table, I sighed and looked down at my bag, now lying open beside my bed.

Homework...or computer? I thought

It really wasn’t a hard decision for me. I knew who I needed to talk to. I pulled my laptop on to the bed and switched it on. Eventually the desktop was fully loaded and I logged into my Skype account. Immediately a message came through.

KinkyKatie69: Hey, how goes the big fish in her little bowl?

I smiled at her choice of words and wrote back.

iSeizure: God, it’s so effing boring. No good stores whatsoever.

KinkyKatie69: Haha. Glad to hear you’re still my old Bells. Any interesting specimens?

Katie was one of the few people who knew the truth about my addiction. In fact she herself had the same affliction. We had met in sex addiction rehab a few years back and had stayed close ever since. To my complete amazement, my mother had approved of our friendship. I think she hoped Katie would be a support system for me, someone to discuss my cravings with and help me get over them. If she only knew the truth of the matter. Katie and I were so far from cured it had become a joke between us.

iSeizure: Just one.

I closed my eyes and sighed as images of Edward flickered in my head.

KinkyKatie69: Too bad…what’s this "one" like? Name?

iSeizure: Edward. And I actually wanted to talk to you about him. He's driving me completely insane.

KinkyKatie69: Oh?

iSeizure: Yea. He’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. You know that guy from the comic store I told you about?

KinkyKatie69: Comic book Carl? The one who had the PS3 before anyone else? LOL

iSeizure: LOL Yea. Him. Imagine him...only 100x better.

KinkyKatie69: W-o-w. Did u speak to him then, this Edward?

I paused. I knew Katie better than she knew herself sometimes. I had to be very careful with my wording here.

iSeizure: I sat beside him in Biology, but honestly, if I’d had spoken to him – I probably would have exploded! LOL

KinkyKatie69: So…?

iSeizure: So…what?

KinkyKatie69: Do not piss me off girl…what's he like? Describe him!

iSeizure: Um…messy bronze hair, baggy clothes…needs a good sleep. I caught him drawing an M16 A4 today.

KinkyKatie69: Pfft..he’s your kind of guy then.

Katie liked Halo 3 guys, we regularly argued over which game was better. I won a lot.

KinkyKatie69: So did u grab his package or just go for the subtle graze? Is he packing heat??

iSeizure: No...he has me so fucked in the head…I couldn’t even talk to him

KinkyKatie69: You r going to fuck him aren’t you? Don’t tell me u r getting all twelve steps on my ass.

iSeizure: You know me better than that.

KinkyKatie69: He's totally a virgin isn't he?

iSeizure: You know I like 'em fresh.

KinkyKatie69: LOL. You and your one pump chumps. I seriously don't get it.

iSeizure: I like to rock their world.

KinkyKatie69: So just go to his house right now and fuck him. What are you waiting for?

iSeizure: I've got to be careful with this one. Kate, I've never felt this strongly before. I don’t want to fuck it up.

KinkyKatie69: Don’t. Just do what we always do kiddo. Be careful. He’s probably gone home to shake one off about you anyway – I wouldn’t be worried.

iSeizure: God..dont. You’ll set me off again.

Just the mental image of Edward in his boxers his game controller resting on his knee, his head thrown back as he jacked himself off made the familiar ache return between my legs.

KinkyKatie69: Its what I do ;) So I hear Port Angeles is having its annual gaming convention?

iSeizure: my dad would let me near one of those things..LOL

KinkyKatie69: How will he know? Especially if you happen to be out with your BFF that weekend…

iSeizure: Your visiting?

KinkyKatie69: You didn’t think you’d get that entire small town to yourself did you? Of course I’m visiting. I’ll Gmail u the plans later, 'kay?

I was about to reply when I heard Charlie coming through the front door. Time for homework.

iSeizure: Charlie’s home….I better get my homework done. Email me as soon as you know everything. I can’t wait!

KinkyKatie69: Promise I will, and I no - me neither! Finally…fresh meat! Haha Ttyl Bells xxxx

I signed off and hurriedly hid the laptop under my bed. Charlie didn’t approve of me spending time talking online. Renee had warned him that the internet fed my addiction and to keep my online escapades closely monitored. Whenever he would catch me online he would insist that we go fishing which he knew bored me to tears.

I spent the rest of the evening working on my homework. It was dull. I had already studied these topics in my previous school. When I ran out of homework I reluctantly wandered into the living room and fell into the couch. Charlie was home and was fixated on a football game on TV. He didn't even look up as I sat down.

"Hey kiddo. How was school?" He asked the blue light from the television reflecting on the can of beer that was resting on his knee.

"It was school." I replied dryly.

"Did you meet anyone interesting?"

I knew what he was really asking and I felt my face flush with anger. Renee really had schooled him before I came here. I pinched my lips into a thin line and glared at the TV. "This girl Jessica was pretty nice."

"Jessica huh? Stanley?" He turned to look at me but I refused to make eye contact.

"Yeah, I guess." I mumbled pretending to be really interested in the game. I felt him watching me for a few seconds longer before he lifted the beer can to his lips and turned back to the game.

"Good. Friends are good."

We watched the rest of the game in complete silence. Eventually I yawned, told him goodnight, and headed to bed. I groaned happily as I slid under the covers and snuggled my head into the soft pillow. My last thoughts before sleep were of Edward and I smiled as I moved my hand slowly down to touch myself.

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  1. I love how quick the chapters are too :) Makes reading them fun!! :)