Sunday, 21 February 2010

Chapter Two: Dawnville

Edward POV

I opened the door to my bedroom and dropped my bookbag and jacket in a pile next to the door. I ran my hands through my hair grimacing as I felt how greasy it was. I needed a shower. I needed to fucking sleep. I was running on barely three hours because Jake and Jasper had kept me up until three a.m. playing Team Deathmatch on Call of Duty.

What a way to start first day of senior year. I hadn’t had a shower in two days and I didn’t have anymore clean shirts. My mom had finally taken a stand and was no longer doing my laundry because she refused to come into my room which was a complete fucking disaster area.

I glanced at my laptop for a brief second and considered logging on to watch some porn and get off real quick before jumping back on Call of Duty.

The new girl Bella Swan had sat next to me in Biology today and I had had a hard on ever since. She was a stone cold fox. Her long auburn hair, pouty lips, and perfect skin left me dreaming about fucking her for the rest of the school day.

She was way out of my league and I knew it but that didn’t keep me from fantasizing. She had even seemed sort of disgusted by me in class barely looking at me and not speaking one word for the entire hour; not that I could blame her.
I was low man on the social totem pole and I knew it. When I was younger I was bothered by the fact that the dudes at school hated me and the girls wanted nothing to do with me but now I had accepted my complete and utter lack of coolness.

I was that kid that everyone made fun of; the gamer, the one that spent every waking hour online playing video games and hanging out on gamer message boards and blogs. The dorkiest of dorks.

I felt my phone buzz in my pocket and flipped it into my palm.
It was a text from Jasper.

Dude. COD. NOW or fuck off for the rest of the night.

That put an end to my jacking off plan. I grabbed my remotes and my game controller and sat down onto the floor in front of my TV folding my legs underneath me. I hit the power buttons and put my headset on and waited.

Within seconds of my game loading I heard that familiar ‘bloop’ as “wolfboi” invited me to join XBOX party. I went to my messages to accept the invite and smiled when I heard the voices of my friends over my head set.

“Fuck Edward did you walk home or something?” I heard Jake ask and Jasper and Emmett chuckled.

“He was probably rubbing one out before getting online. There was a new girl at school today and she is fucking smokin’.” Emmett said with a laugh. “I know I was dreaming of banging her all day.”

“Seriously Em, will you fucking pay attention and set down clay mores at the flank so that the enemy can’t come near us.” I growled not having any patience for Emmetts perverted fantasies.

“Whats your problem fuckface?”

“I don’t have a problem. I’m trying to play the fucking game.”

“Did hot new girl talk to you in bio Ed?” Jasper asked speaking up for the first time. “I saw that you sat next to her.”

“No, she didn’t say anything.”

“Not even hi?”

“No, not even hi.”

“That’s a little fucked up.”

“Maybe she’s fucking shy, I don’t know. Jasper set some snipers up on higher ground so that you can see everyone.” I felt myself becoming very annoyed.

“I thought she looked like she was into you.” Jasper said casually. “She was checking you out when you weren’t looking and I swear she looked like she was going to hump you right in the middle of class.”

“Shut the fuck up Jazz. Seriously. She is way out of my league.”

“Well, yeah no duh. But maybe she’s digs dirty freaks like us. She might totally be into that sort of shit.”

“Ask her out Eddie…never know till you try right?” Jake offered his tone happy go lucky as usual. Jacob Black lived on the neighboring reservation and had been Edwards best friend since they were kids.

He was a gamer like Edward but he was different somehow. Even though he spent every waking hour online he still had lots of friends and girls loved him. About a year ago he had suddenly grown into his tall lanky body and when he did he suddenly wasn’t dorky little Jakey anymore and the ladies had definitely taken notice. Edward wished he had that sort of luck.

“I’m not a hot piece of man meat like you Jake.” I grumbled clicking away at my controller waiting for my lazy ass friends to get their shit together so we could plan our attack.

I heard Jake laugh and mumble something unintelligable and a girls answering giggle in the background.

“Dude you have a chick in your room right now don’t you?” Emmett called out disbelieving. “How the fuck do you do it man?”

“For real dick. How do you get girls to just hang out and watch you play COD?” Jasper added.

“She wanted to see what I do. This is what I do.”

“And you will do her later right?” Emmett laughed.

“Yeah, don’t think so man. Not this one.” Jake sounded cocky as he laughed his response.

I rolled my eyes getting increasingly more annoyed with the trivial chatter of my friends. My mind kept drifting to biology class earlier in the day and the sweet smelling Bella Swan.

Was Jazz right? Was she trying to be inconspicuous about checking me out? I shook my head at the utter ridiculousness of the thought. She was hot, she was probably smart and way cooler than me and I was out of my mind for even considering the idea that she might be into me.

Even so I felt my hard-on straining painfully against my pants. I pulled on the button of my jeans and unzipped them letting my throbbing cock out of the confines of the denim. With one hand I rubbed the shaft absently thinking about Bella’s tits.

I needed to jerk off.

“I’m fucking outta here.” I announced into the headset.

“No man! Don’t!” I heard Jake protest angrily. “You are gonna lose your match bonus!”

“What the hell dude! You cocksucking dick fuck!” I heard Emmett yell right before I clicked start on the control pad and left the match.

I stood up and grabbed a dirty towel off my floor sniffing it quickly before throwing it over my shoulder and forging through the junk on my floor to my bathroom. I needed a shower anyway, might as well relieve some tension while I was at it.


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    I need a laugh, so I'm reading this!