Friday, 26 March 2010

Update - 27/03/2010

Heyy Guys!
Its Poptarrts here.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to go over a few things with you.

First, there may be a SLIGHT delay on the next update. Its a super long chapter and we really dont want to disappoint you guys. Stoney and I are also up to no good at the watch out for that! :D

Second, I understand we are at a very dark point in the story at the moment. There have been a few comments which we found to be in bad taste. Now, obviously, we are not going to apologize for the angst and conflict portrayed in our story. We wrote it, and we wouldnt post it if we didnt think you could take it.

As a good friend recently told me:
"I trust you as a reader to take care of me while I'm immersing myself in your imagination"
..and we hope you do too.

But remember, with the bad, we can begin to appreciate the good so much more.
Life is not all rainbows and glitter.

Anyway..moving on.

So lately I've been hearing "Oh shit - I didnt see you updated!"
....Tis the problem with Blogger.

So, I have created a mailing list that anyone can join.
When you join, you will be emailed directly with an alert in regards to a new chapter being posted.

Also, expect regular teasers, updates on activity and anything else we feel you'd wanna know.

So click here ----> HERE and join!

I'd also like to give a special shout out to Stoneys now fully completed fanfic "The Ascent".
I am not a Jacob fan, at all, but this fanfic near converted me and I urge you to try it out too!

Click here for "The Ascent"!

Finally, please feel free to email me if you have any questions etc. Stoney and I are always up for participating in fun! So feel free to drop us a line if your looking people!


Thanks once again for all your comments, they really keep us motivated.


  1. I am all over you both like eyeliner on emo kidz...
    I love this story. Period.

    I recently started "The Ascent" and told Stoney it's my first Jake fic, but I am digging Charli and am fo sho gonna eat it up.

    Nommmy Nom Nom.

  2. I am anxiously awaiting your next update. Despite the fact that I hate conflict and especially the kind that you've been writing about I am totally into your story. Obviously you need the conflict to see the good later so I'm just holding on until that point. Btw I was at the video game megaplex in Hong kong and walking amongst three floors filled with gamers and couldn't help but think of Bella and the heaven she would be in ;)

  3. I heart this story...hard. I try to tell you how I feel after reading each chap, and encourage you to write more...but sometimes the timing doesn't work out for me. *cough*Like when I'm reading at work*cough*

    You girls rock my socks! Keep up the totally awesome work!

  4. I kinda like not being notified when you update. I get all excited when I reload your blog, waiting to see if there is a new chap! I know, I am very sad and need to get a life! I have still joined your mailing list, I don't want to be left out, lol!